Delegate and Manage Tasks Effectively

Unlock Your Team's Full Potential with HROnTips’ Task Manager.

Streamline and Automate your Applicant Tracking & Recruitment Process

Streamline your team’s tasks in one place

Our all-in-one solution simplifies task planning, delegation, and real-time tracking, enabling your business teams to collaborate seamlessly and deliver exceptional results.

  • Delegate tasks effortlessly
  • Tackle tasks priority-wise
  • Monitor progress in real-time
  • Achieve higher productivity levels

Experience a new level of productivity and collaboration

Foster teamwork like never before. Delegate tasks, assign responsibilities, and communicate effortlessly within a centralized platform.


Task Assignment

Assign tasks to your team members and receive real-time updates when tasks are modified or completed, thus enhancing collaboration effortlessly.


Tasks Organization

Simplify your workflow by creating projects, categories, and assigning priority levels to tasks to ensure your team operates efficiently.


E-Mail Notifications

Stay informed and never miss a beat - Receive email notifications of approaching deadlines, project status reports and individual task updates.


Progress Reports

Visualize your team’s productivity and track their achievements. Stay informed with performance insights that help track your team’s efficiency.


Feedback Reports

Provide detailed comments and feedback to recognize your team’s efforts, improve outcomes, and boost employee satisfaction.


Web/Mobile Access

Create projects, delegate tasks, and collaborate effortlessly across all devices from anywhere at anytime.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide tools to "Build high-performance teams."

Hesitant because of the learning curve and the process changes that follow?

Let our product's simplicity change that for you - Our Founder believes that "The requirement of a training manual is our failure."

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