Employee Onboarding Solution

Simplifying Your Onboarding Processes

Protect Your Hiring Investment by Retaining Top Talent!

Create a meaningful experience from day one that focuses less on paperwork and more on welcoming new hires, introducing them to the company culture, setting expectations to quickly get
started by building a sense of responsibility for the new role.


Customized Offer Letters

Generate customized and prepopulated offer letters for new hires. Avoids re-entering details of the new hire if integrated with our Applicant Tracking system.


Personalized Company Branding

Be the face of your onboarding tool by customizing the look, feel, and experience as per your requirements.


Automated Task Management

Automate workflow and collaborate with various departments to enable early completion of the onboarding process.


Automatic Account Creation

Dynamic account creation for new hires on the generation of the offer letter allowing them to upload all documents online and complete the onboarding process.


Facilities Management

Allows easy facilities and logistics management of new employees and gives them a unique experience on the day of joining.



Track new employee onboarding progress and details of various stages of the onboarding process with an intuitive dashboard.

Why Choose Us?

Seamless Integration

Our tool is easy to use and can be integrated with your existing HRMS software.

Set HR free

Eliminate manual onboarding tasks and automate back office administration.

Entice your new hires

Make new hires feel a part of your organization before they even arrive!

Enhance the readiness in new hires

Acclimate new hires early to the company's culture and by taking care of logistics, creating ID cards, trainings etc.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is "Customer Satisfaction"

Automating Manual processes with simplicity and Innovation is the key to meeting our utmost goal.

We understand how valuable everyone’s time is and we believe in wasting nobody’s time, especially in a productive and professional environment like a workplace where every single minute counts. Thus, we save time spent by your HRs in onboarding the new hires regularly and managing the whole process manually.

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