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Monitor your employees working remotely !

Work-from-Home Ready HRMS

Camera Enabled Attendance

Camera-enabled attendance for better work-from-home Management. With real-time reporting and location tracking.

Automatic And Reliable Cloud Payroll

Seamless calculations paired with cloud-based security we have the best payroll Management software available.

End-To-End Employee Task Management

Task management is an intuitively designed management solution that simply eliminates the need for the tools you use to maximize your productivity.

Geo-Tagging And Geo-Fencing

Our software automatically locates the employee’s coordinates for clock-in and clock-out. Geo-tagging provides timely reports to HR about the employee’s location.

Employee Data at your FingerTips

Predictive Search

  • 'ZERO' training required
  • Employee Trends & Insights delivered on fingertips through search
  • Slice & Dice the information in seconds
HR Metrics

Predictive HR Metrics, Scorecards & Reports

  • Hundreds of Out-Of-The-Box scorecards
  • Real-time employee trend analysis; don’t wait for monthly dashboards

Camera Enabled Attendance

  • HROnTips has a ​camera-enabled selfie attendance.
  • Ensure that the right person is clocked in.

Geotagging & Geofencing

  • The system can capture the ​geolocation of an employee to capture where they are clocking in from.
  • HROnTips also allows the creation of geo-f​encing around your office location to enable automatic clock-in and clock-out for your team’s ease.
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Employee Productivity

Daily Status Report​​


Employees can submit a ​daily status report which includes the ​no. of hours spent ​on a task or a project​. The geolocation will get recorded at the time of submission as well. The DSR makes it easier to:

  • Oversee employee day-to-day productivity
  • Increase accountability within the organization
  • Create a sense of accomplishment
Goals and Targets

KPI Management

  • Define goals, targets, and KPIs to set clear performance expectations and monitor their status consistently.
  • Goals can be assigned weight, targets, and can also be aligned with the company’s strategic objectives(OKR Method) to drive better performance.
  • You can also define your company’s goal measures rating scale to suit your organizational needs.


  • Conduct weighted inter & intra-team feedbacks and peer reviews to get a 360-degree view of employee performance.
  • Create custom feedback forms and request feedback at any time.
  • Assists Appraisal Process
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Feedback from Managers, Peers, and Yourself
AI in action

Performance Trends and Compare

  • Our inbuilt reports allow you to compare performance between departments over time.
  • Insightful dashboards help managers track the status of their team and set better goals.
  • Get a holistic view of the progress of company goals.

Self Appraisal

  • Our performance management system allows for employee self-appraisal.
  • Employees can review their own performance and leave feedback based on established goals, competencies, targets, and achievements.
We’ve got more

PIP, Bonus, Recognition, and Letters

  • Comprehensive Performance Improvement process with PIP Goals and Ratings.
  • Print and distribute automatically generated custom Performance letters.
  • Use the appreciate wall to give Kudos and boost employee morale.
  • Manage Automatic bonuses and rewards based on performance.
Employee well-being

Happiness Index

  • AI engine gauges real-time employee satisfaction
  • 5 emoticon-based evaluation
  • Helps you engage with your team through behavioural quick links
  • Run reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
Make integration, upgrading and uploading exceedingly uncomplicated under our umbrella!

Open Architecture

Our ultimate goal is to

"Improve Productivity And Employee Experience"

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